Error running standard SLN project

Nov 7, 2007 at 4:12 AM
I am trying to run this project and it compiles fine (VS2005, XP Pro) and the first page appears no problem. But any action on the page (any click in grid or calendar) the app bombs out with an error of "Value cannot be Null. Parameter name InString" on line 39 (bytes = Convert.FromBase64String(this._viewstateStorage.Get(id).Value);) of the ViewStateElim.cs class in the "protected override object LoadPageStateFromPersistenceMedium()" method. I have not changed one line of source code anywhere. Am I missing something here? Is there a configuration setting I am supposed to be changing here in the web.config? Please advise.

My ultimate goal here is to be storing this in a SQL Server DB.